Features & Pricing

PLR Stream is packed with amazing benefits and features that can’t be found anywhere else. We believe that video products sell the best, convert the best and have the best ROI. Most Internet Marketers have come to know and appreciate the power of PLR video products, and PLR Stream is the only site that specifically caters to Internet Marketers who want the best Video PLR solution available.

PLR Stream Features:

  • High quality licensed content that is ready for streaming, resell, branding & education
  • Access to our catalog of over 8,000+ individual videos
  • Continuous additions of new and updated products to our catalog
  • No duplicate or repurposed products
  • Watch all videos directly on our product pages
  • Embed unlimited videos across your domains
  • Unlimited streaming, unlimited bandwidth, and no quotas ever
  • No more large downloads or uploads
  • No more sending your customers offsite to access your products
  • Rapid product creation and deployment
  • Easy to create a variety of products in multiple niches
  • Eliminate frustrating and complex issues with trying to host your own videos

The PLR Stream monthly membership fee is only $23, and you are able to embed videos on up to 3 domains. You can also purchase additional domain packs if you are wanting to embed videos on more than 3 domains, provided that you own all of the domains where you will be embedding the videos. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.

Low end video hosting alone would cost you a minimum of around $20 a month, and even then you wouldn’t have the time or energy to upload thousands upon thousands of videos! PLR Stream has done the leg work so you don’t have to. Sign up today to see just how easy it is to incorporate a fully hosted PLR video solution into your marketing efforts!