What Are PLR Products?

PLR products are products that come with specific licensing rights. PLR license types and individual license rights vary by product. With many PLR products, you can do things such as add your name to the product, modify product contents, resell or distribute the products, give away products in return for a lead, etc.

What Are The Different License Types?

PLR (Private Label Rights) licensing is usually the least restrictive, and licensing rights allow you to rename/rebrand the product, pass it off as your own, resell/redistribute in a number of different ways, and you can usually pass along resell rights to your customers.

MMR (Master Resell Rights) licensing is similar to PLR, but with more restrictions such as the end user cannot claim copyright and the product may not be altered or changed. With MRR products, you have permission to resell to your customers, and often times you can pass those resell rights along to your customer as well.

RR (Resell Rights) licensing is more restrictive than MRR rights, in that you usually cannot change the product or claim copyright, and there are more restrictions on how the product can be resold or distributed. In many cases, the licensing rights are not passed on to the end user. Your end user usually will receive personal use rights, and in some cases, can receive limited resell rights.

PU (Personal Use) licensing is the most restrictive. You usually cannot alter or redistribute these products in any manner. As the name implies, you can use these products only for your own personal use, and nothing else.

How Do The Streaming Links Work?

Once you sign up for a membership, you will have the ability to embed all videos. You start by registering the domains where you will embed your videos. This allows for the videos to be streamed only on your allowed sites. The videos play only in the video player, which renders the direct link to the video useless – this means that even if someone attains the direct link to any of your embedded videos, the direct link won’t display the video.

How Does Product Licensing Work With The Streaming Links?

You will need to access each product’s license and make sure that how and where you use your streaming links conforms to that product’s licensing rights. Account holders who violate licensing rights or copyrights will be asked to immediately remedy any violations. Failure to remedy any violations may result in temporary account suspension. Blatant or flagrant violations may result in account termination.

Are My Streaming Links Good For Forever?

Your streaming links will not change and will always retain their availability and functionality. However, if your subscription payment fails or if you terminate your account, our system will automatically remove your allowed domains, thereby disabling all of your streaming links. If your payment fails, just simply login and make a successful payment, re-allow your domains, and your links will become active again.

Can I cancel My Membership At Any Time?

Yes you can cancel whenever you want. Please visit this link to cancel your subscription – https://www.plrstream.com/account/cancel. Please note that once you cancel your membership, your streaming links will be disabled.

Can I Get A Refund If I Cancel My Membership?

Due to the nature of digital products and copyright compliance, refunds are not allowed. You are getting access to over 9,000 videos that you can watch, download and immediately embed on your sites & pages. If this isn't what you want or isn't what you are looking for, then don't purchase a membership.